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Helping biotech companies scale up production


A one-stop shop for scaling up production

Full-suite fermentation and downstream processing services at benchtop and pilot-scale. 

A one-stop shop for scaling up production
A one-stop shop for scaling up production

Our Services

Fermentation optimization to improve yield
Fermentation optimization to improve yield

Strain testing and feedback in conditions replicating commercial manufacturing

Downstream process development to decrease product loss
Downstream process development to decrease product loss

Wide range of DSP equipment including centrifuge and TFF for improving product extraction and purification

Regulatory guidance
Regulatory guidance

Expertise in approval process with FDA and other regulatory bodies for timely approval process

Tech transfer to CMO
Tech transfer to CMO

Connections to large-scale producers, negotiation assistance, and tech transfer oversight for smooth transition to industrial-scale production

What can we do?

Plant Capabilities

A one-stop shop to bring your strain to commercial scale.

Vessels ranging from 1.5L to 1,500L for stepwise scale up

Solid/liquid, liquid/liquid, slurries. Centrifuges, homogenizer, bead mill, chemical lysis. Strong expertise in industrial-scale cell lysis

Multi-stage TFFs, freeze dryers, spray dryers

HPLC, GC, UV, off-gas, mass spectrometer

Fermented Bubbles
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December 07, 2023

iFAB Tech Hub Partners IBRL and Boston Bioprocess Scale Fermentation Tech

The Integrated Bioprocessing Research Laboratory (IBRL) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Research Park startup Boston Bioprocess (BBP) are...

October 19, 2023

Boston Bioprocess and Cauldron Partner to Help Fermentation-based Companies Scale from Lab to Manufacturing

Boston Bioprocess and Cauldron today announce their partnership which aims to overcome one of the biggest challenges for fermentation-based companies today – economically viable paths to...


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