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Nourish Ingredients Teams with Boston Bioprocess to Scale Animal-Free Fats

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Nourish Ingredients, a frontrunner in the burgeoning 'animal-free' specialty fat segment, is teaming with Boston Bioprocess to efficiently scale the most "potent fat molecules" responsible for replicating the "animalic" aroma, flavor, and taste of meat but from wild fungi strains or with the help of synthetic biology and genetically engineered oleaginous yeast strains.

Together the duo are creating a "one stop shop for scaling up fermentation production," which has been notoriously limited, with the ultimate goal of making plant proteins more "authentic" and appealing to consumers, company co-founder and CEO James Petrie told FoodNavigator-USA.


Even though Nourish is still operating at a small scale to develop the batches necessary for regulatory approval, Petrie said the company wants to remain asset-light, which makes the scaling "quite challenging."

"Having a company like Boston Bioprocess, whose bread and butter is actually to churn these strains out and make sure that these fermentations are happening in a repeatable way is very valuable to a company like us," he said.

Boston Bioprocess also appealed to Nourish because it not only has developed a scalable process, but it also claims to have improved harvest yield twofold with a method other than the traditional centrifuge.

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